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Silicone Baby Products

silicone baby bibs

silicone baby bibs
silicone baby bibs
silicone baby bibs


Silicone Baby Bibs

silicone baby bib,bibs for baby


1.Soft and flexible
2.Medical Grade silicone
3.Safty washed,Rull up


Are your baby bib safe?

Our baby bib conform to all US standards for baby products and safety. They are BPA free, phthalates free, free of LEAD and other harmful chemicals. It is our goal to provide the safest products possible for you and your loved ones

Silicone Baby Bibs

1)Baby Bib was designed for the babies to eat and fell down the food,to keep clothing clean.Suitable for baby from 6 months to toddler.

2)Soft non-toxic food-grade silicone material,flexible and safety,suitable for contact with the skin

3)Washable and durable,just wipe gently over face clean can resume.Collection can be rolled upfor easy carrying.The idea of designing this kind of baby bib is to make babies eat happily and eat more than as usual , this is really a feast for babies mouth and eyes.

4)Baby bib is a new products with their good appearance and novelty design.They have shocked the market in this summer.

5,Made of 100% all natural silicone
6,The adjustable neck allows use from 6 Months to Toddler
7,Safely washed in the dishwasher or wiped clean
8,Roll up bib for easy travel and storage
9,All products have been tested for safety,our silicone bib DO NOT contain LEAD,BPA,PHTHALATES,LATES,PVC
10 animals faces designs and 3 non-animals faces designs are available for you to choose.

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